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Supply Chain

How leading companies, NGOs and solution providers are working to address the myriad issues that can arise in any supply chain.

Direct Sourcing, Community Development Paving Paths to Sustainable Chocolate

Direct Sourcing, Community Development Paving Paths to Sustainable Chocolate

With major markets passing environmental and human rights due-diligence requirements, sustainable commodity sourcing may soon no longer be optional — and brands that have invested and built relationships with farmers will be the winners.

CDP: Water Now a Major Risk for World’s Supply Chains

With $77B under threat due to water risk in supply chains, 50% of large corporate buyers now engage suppliers on water issues; but only 14% financially incentivize senior leaders to act on water.

5th Annual Chocolate Scorecard Paints Bittersweet Picture of the Industry

The Scorecard — which evaluates global chocolate manufacturers, brands and retailers on social and environmental criteria in seven areas — helps consumers make ethical purchasing decisions and incentivizes companies to improve their performance in these areas.

€30M & $50M Funds, Biodiversity Metrics Drive Continued Growth of Regenerative Ag

A €30M portfolio in Europe and a $50M fund in the US put much-needed capital behind cultivating regenerative-ag value chains, while a partnership with NatureMetrics supports Unilever's work to make farming its ingredients climate resilient.

How US Soy Is Cultivating Sustainability Around the World

Here, Abby Rinne — Director of Sustainability at the U.S. Soybean Export Council — discusses how U.S. Soy is helping customers both here and abroad reach their sustainability goals.

Applegate, innocent Double Down on Commitments to Regenerative Agriculture

innocent Drinks adds £1m to its Farmer Innovation Fund to support regenerative fruit & vegetable farming within its supply chain, while Applegate sets to transitioning its entire beef hot dog portfolio to regeneratively grazed beef by 2025.

Unilever Launches First UK Regenerative Ag Project for Mint, Mustard

The program will work with farms that grow mustard seeds and mint leaves used in Colman’s products.

Kroger Becomes Latest Retailer to Protect Biodiversity

The new policy will protect more pollinators and create a more sustainable produce supply chain; but campaigners say more industrywide action is needed.

How Amy’s Kitchen Synchronizes Sustainability Efforts and Growth

Through its dramatic growth, Amy’s continues its commitment to positive impact — scaling sustainability while managing thousands of environmental metrics; data sources; and KPIs across different vendors, geographies, utility providers, infrastructure types and regulatory frameworks.

Tony’s Chocolonely Scales Impact Model While Delivering Record Growth

The impact-driven chocolate brand doubled farmer premiums, further reduced child labor and environmental impacts, and continued to grow its coalition of Mission Allies.

Streamlining Certification Will Help Scale a Sustainable Food System

The often-arduous process for meeting sustainable certification requirements can be daunting, if not prohibitive, for smallholder farmers. Digitizing the process removes pain points for both farmers and the companies that source their crops.

Jones Snowboards Earns Industry-First Fair Trade Certification

The certification signifies attention to worker empowerment, fair wages and more; but whether it will galvanize competitors and partners to make such a commitment remains to be seen.

How SustainCERT and Regrow Ag Are Transforming Cotton Cultivation

SustainCERT, through its Value Change Initiative and partnership with Regrow Ag, is working to promote resilience across the cotton value chain.

Pandora Now Sources 100% Recycled Silver, Gold for Its Jewelry

By using recycled instead of newly mined silver and gold, Pandora avoids 58,000 tons of CO2 per year. The company expects that it will craft all new jewelry with 100% recycled silver and gold from the second half of 2024.

Case Study: Collaborating to Cultivate Regenerative Practices Throughout the Value Chain

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Bayer and Perdue have joined forces to drive regenerative-ag practices throughout the value chain to cut emissions, reduce environmental impact and improve soil health at scale. We caught up with them to learn more.

Navigating Nearshoring: An Evolution in Resilient Manufacturing

By shortening supply chains, optimizing resource utilization and reducing waste, nearshoring enhances economic resilience and embodies a shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to manufacturing.

How Stonyfield Organic and Regrow Are Building a Resilient Dairy Industry

The two have partnered to help Stonyfield build out a program aligned with its science-based climate targets that empowers its farmers with actionable insights to bolster emission-reduction and carbon-sequestration efforts.

This App Could Be Key to Securing Fisher Livelihoods, Restoring Fish Stocks

Abalobi's easily scalable app enables traceability previously unseen in small-scale fisheries and connects fishers directly with buyers — reducing dependency on middlemen, resulting in fairer prices and ethical produce for consumers.

There Is No Alternative to Direct Relationships in Company Supply Chains

On day one of this year’s UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, delegates agreed that close engagement with all tiers of company supply chains will be vital going forward.

How Supply Chain Professionals Benefit from a Circular Economy

Suppliers are critical to a circular transition as they source, move and transform 100B tonnes of materials through the global economy each year. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation highlights 9 areas for supply chain professionals to address to build circular supply chains.