Lightfoot is about writing letters. It is about creating connections, about sending letters to your dear ones or people who have helped you in your life or travel.

Lightfoot is also about delivering letters. We have set up a number of lightfoot-boxes where you can leave your letters or find letter to be delivered.

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Lucas in Madison

I delivered a letter to Lucas in Madison. I had been carrying the letter for almost a year... it had survived in my bike panniers, across the ocean sail, 4 months in the Caribbean, to Bermuda, and finally to the States... where it began it's pedal powered journey - to Madison, Wisconsin.

Lucas is an old friend of Charlie's and as i pressed the buzzer on the door... waited... then knocked... and realised no one was home, my heart sank a little. I was looking forward to delivering this special letter finally! Then i realised! The envelope had a number on it...

Pedaling with Lightfoot

“This last of the old-world means of communication, before mechanical contraptions took over, left a deep mark on the American imagination. The riders, going far on little, became touchstones of courage and strength.” William Least Heat Moon on The Pony Express.

Why letters are better than email - for the love of letters, in general

I feel a little bit guilty, writing now, at a lab-top computer. I only have a vague idea how it all functions; how the internet can do what it does, or how these keys, laid out in an arbitrary configuration, turn into letters when I push them.

How This Website Works

There are several Lightfoot boxes in the world, in Amsterdam, Berin and New York as far as know. But there might even be more already...

Do you have a Lightfoot-box, register it on this website and let everyone know about it. You can also register letters, so travelers know where they can pick up letters that are going the same direction as the traveler.

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