Bicycle Babes!


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Do it! Set up a box in DC. I dare you!

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You're on! -The Seeds are

You're on! -The Seeds are Sewn-

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I got it!

I got it I got it I got it!!!

Oh what a pleasure, what an addiction, what ecstacy! To recieve a ligthfoot letter and read it slowly, over and again, knowing it has been months in its journey, providing many an adventure along the way.

Thank you Babsi, thank you Lightfoot Deputy Allie, thank you papyrus and the wonder of INK.

To hear the words of my dear bicycle-touring comrad in Vienna, echo out of the pages, after years (years!) without them... and to be propelled into her life, as it was then, and to share it all, with a smile, on one of the happiest days of my life - Bliss! Thank you!