Lucas in Madison

I delivered a letter to Lucas in Madison. I had been carrying the letter for almost a year... it had survived in my bike panniers, across the ocean sail, 4 months in the Caribbean, to Bermuda, and finally to the States... where it began it's pedal powered journey - to Madison, Wisconsin.

Lucas is an old friend of Charlie's and as i pressed the buzzer on the door... waited... then knocked... and realised no one was home, my heart sank a little. I was looking forward to delivering this special letter finally! Then i realised! The envelope had a number on it...

He was just 5 minutes away, and pulled up to his house shortly after. He was pretty moved by the letter - amazed at its journey, so proud, almost intimidated by Charlie's letter writing motivation - and really just stoked to hear from him. He vowed to write back, and we set off for a couple of beers. We spent a few hours chatting and telling stories, past and present, and bridging the distance since Mr world-bike-tour man set off. It was a great delivery, and I felt the world was somehow more connected. Woo lightfoot!

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Thank you for this story, Ma

Thank you for this story,

Ma chere perle des Vanuatu

Rene with love