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Finance & Investment

The latest in the spheres of socially responsible investing, impact investing, and other ways investors and shareholders are asserting their desire for ethical investment options.

New Report Helps Companies Stop Bankrolling Climate Change

New Report Helps Companies Stop Bankrolling Climate Change

'Carbon Bankroll 2.0' illuminates the huge, untapped climate impact of the US financial system — how it is undermining leading companies’ climate action, and why companies’ financial management may be their greatest lever for climate progress.

Shrinkflation: Drawbacks for the Environment, Consumer Trust

In times of inflation, consider whether shrinking a product for a short-term win could cause long-term brand damage — first, determine if it’s the best option and include a robust assessment of the environmental impacts.

Private Investors Want Funds, Pension Plans to Actively Address Climate Change

In a new GlobeScan survey of 5K retail investors in 10 countries, all express similarly high levels of support for investment funds becoming more active in the climate space.

Earthshot Prize ‘Launchpad’ to Link Investors with Climate Innovators

New matchmaking platform highlights game-changing solutions from the Earthshot Prize nominations process and connects them with like-minded investors and philanthropists.

3 Ways to Tailor Your Programs to Invest in Girls

Here, Shanna Marzilli — President & CEO of Plan International USA — outlines three key areas that every skills-training program should incorporate to build a better, more equal, future working world.

Major Companies, Investors Still Blind to Their Role in Deforestation

Global Canopy’s 10th annual Forest 500 report reveals that, despite some pockets of progress, voluntary private sector action has failed to generate meaningful progress on commodity-driven deforestation.

First-of-its-Kind Fund Aims to Catalyze Equitable Access to Reuse and Refill Solutions

The $1M fund aims to finance deployment of reuse and refill infrastructure — particularly in FMCG, food service and delivery, grocery, e-commerce and retail — to combat global plastic pollution.

The Only Value Sustainability Can’t Possibly Have

Cross-Posted from New Metrics. Right now, far too much of the business world is giving sustainability a value of zero, when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Social-Impact Investing: 5 Lessons from a Successful First Venture

How T. Rowe Price brought capital to under-resourced communities and ensured it had the desired impacts, while inspiring pride and creativity among corporate associates.

$7M: How the Cost of a Super Bowl Ad Could Transform Lives

We challenge all of these advertisers to skim the nonprofits below and think about diverting even $1M of their game-time spend to instead address urgent social issues.

Apparel Brands Urged to Understand, Disclose Water Risks

A new report from Planet Tracker analyzed nearly 4K filings from 29 major apparel brands and found them worryingly dry.

The Window of Vitality: How Great Businesses Balance Efficiency, Resilience

Mired in short-termism, many investors and company bonus structures incentivize optimizing for cost and efficiency. The lesson from nature: Successful organizations stay within their own window of vitality by understanding and balancing the tension between efficiency and resilience.

Latin Americans Are Embracing Plant-Based Foods — a Growing Opportunity for Investment

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Food investors and entrepreneurs would do well to mark the major focus on plant-based protein innovation happening for our neighbors to the South.

First Roadmap for Financiers Implementing a ‘Just Transition’ Launched at COP28

The new guidance will support the global financial sector in embedding just-transition practices in their operations to ensure a climate transition that leaves no one behind.

New Carbon Accounting Alliance Seeks Industry Standardization, Regulation to Support Net-Zero Transition

The launch includes a call to action for organizations worldwide to use the tools of carbon accounting to drive transition plans and direct emission reductions.

California Climate Disclosure Laws Will Put the Spotlight on Governance

Let’s use the momentum behind the new mandates to rethink the corporate structures that hold back environmental and social progress.

Supporting Farmers in Landlocked Countries to Enter the Nutraceuticals Market

Overcoming commodity dependence is a complex challenge. Here are steps that brands, impact investors and governments can take to help smallholder farmers in LLDCs benefit from the nutraceuticals market.

4 Keys to Accurately Accounting for Your Company’s Impacts on Nature

This week at SB’23 San Diego, Context Nature shared guiding principles with which business can bridge nature and finance strategies; and three companies shared lessons learned from enacting their own biodiversity commitments.

Growing a Better World Together: Why I Joined the Financial Sector

Throughout my career, I learned that climate risk equals financial risk and the financial sector has a responsibility to help clients transition to more sustainable practices for the benefit of people, planet and profit. Enter Rabobank.

New Report Urges Insurance Companies to Stop Underwriting Climate Change

‘Underwriting Our Planet’ finds that rather than addressing climate change and biodiversity loss, many economic activities underwritten by insurance companies actually fuel the twin crises.