3 New Letter Boxes in the US!!

Box 1: Many thanks to Rosetta's Kitchen, home of "Adrienne's Box." It's an alternative-community cafe we scouted out our first night in Asheville, NC. We showed up after dark. We were cold and very hungry. A local pointed us in the direction of Rosetta's Kitchen as a place to warm up and get quality, local, fresh food. While enjoying our (very reasonably priced) hot meal it was obvious to us both that this was a perfect home for a Lightfoot Box. This place shouted "conscious community" with the local-vegan fare, anarchy literature, free condoms in the bathroom and their "pay it forward" meal that offers a sliding scale donation meal of rice, beans and salad for hungry folks who can't afford to pay as much or anything at all for a meal - the deal is, they will take donations from those who want to give to put toward the "free" meal. What an idea and a rare one to see in a business. Thank you Rosetta's Kitchen!

Box 2: Grand thanks to the owner and all the kind Barista's at Who Dat Coffee in New Orleans, LA for hosting our "Nawlin's Box." Adrienne and I scouted this spot first thing in the morning as we wandered the city looking for a good home for our letter box. We were met with very helpful, welcoming and friendly Barista's each of the 4 times we visited this beautiful, comfy and cozy coffee shop located on the corner of Burgandy St. and Mandeville St., making it our little home-base in the new city. This place is unique in that it shares the building space with "Cafe Nero," a restaurant known for it's delicious brunch. Who Dat Coffee also provides a variety of quality loose-leaf teas in which we enjoyed more than just a cup during our visit. They also have quality baked goods and don't forget to try a cupcake! Thank you Who Dat Coffee!

Box 3: Thank you to Michelle and Ryan (Founders of America Bycycle https://www.facebook.com/americabycycle?ref=ts&fref=ts) and all the UP House folks in L.A., CA. After serving me a delicious lunch, Michelle gave me the tour of this awesome intentional community house. It's a well-kept, quiet home located on East Blvd, near Venice with fourteen community driven, multi-faceted and talented residents. Their house is an oasis of sorts that sits amidst the mainstream urban setting that opens up to a decent sized backyard. To me it was a goldmine with orange trees, a banana tree and even an avocado tree! Here, a veggie garden is maintained, chickens roam, rabbits hop about and UP House residents sleep nestled in their beds in what they call "pods" - each having a room/shelter of his or her own made out of recycled materials and reclaimed wood and goods. The house itself with full kitchen, dining, living rooms and bathrooms is known as communal space (and the cleanest I've ever seen in a communal house - to be honest.) :) Currently, the letterbox has been handed over to Michelle to finish being decorated and soon will be posted with it's location and pictures. Thank you UP House!

BIG Thanks to my fellow traveling mate and new Lightfoot Deputy, Adrienne Beck aka "Scout" for ALL her help and enthusiasm with Lightfoot- from beautiful decorating jobs on the letter boxes to her input on Lightfoot improvements, in which, all of these letter boxes are equipped with letter writing materials inside, as well as letters awaiting to be delivered! Venture on travelers and don't forget to write letters and deliver letters too!