Hi everybody,

I have been sitting on for three years now, actually showing this website has been broken for long and the domain expires end of October.

I'm happy to sponsor domain fees for a while if someone wants to take it over for Lightfoot Post but I don't want it registered to me anymore, given that the artificial divide has been rather useless in the past.

If you could imagine taking it over, please get in touch!


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I am just logging in after a

I am just logging in after a while away, and it seems it's after October... I hope someone still kept the domain alive! I suppose someone must have.
I think there is someone out there that is willing to take over, if his Tea duties aren't too time-consuming. I'll reach out to him. How much are the "domain fees," anyway?
And thanks for keeping tabs and being a part of it for these three years!


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I can take it over

Hey Charlie, I just saw this and a friend and I have just begun a little light foot tour on our cross country adventure. I just emailed Lily about it and hopefully will be catching up with the 2 of you in LA in the next few weeks, so we can talk about it then...but I definitely want to keep this going and will help in any way. See you soon-ish!