Lightfoot at Rootstalk Festival

Wow, Lightfoot was such a hit at the Free Tea Pavilion at Rootstalk Festival in Oregon, USA. We set up a super comfortable space for people to connect, sip tea, and relax during this intense festival of workshops, educators, music, plant walks, etc.

We set it up so that people could sit on cushions around a table on the ground stocked with letter writing supplies like paper and pens, envelopes, all kinds of stamps, etc. We even had a huge chalkboard that people could post where they could bring letters, or where letters needed to go. It was sweet!

I guess with so many awesome people coming together in one place, Lightfoot was bound for glory. Dozens of letters were written over the weekend, and many new Lightfoot deputies took letters on towards their destinations. At the end of the festival, those letters that were left we divvied up: many west coast letters went with me, east coast letters went with Ally, etc.

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