new orleans, up the mississippi

hello to whoever is reading!

we are on an epic bicycle journey and have strong desires to deliver letters via our bicycles! im not entirely sure how this all works so im trying here to tell anyone and everyone that we are in new orleans for one more day. then were headed north up through louisiana and arkansas. well be stopping in springfield missouri. kansas city. rockford illinois. madison wisconsin. lacross wisconsin. minnepolis minnesota. and of course everywhere in between! so if you have a letter you want delivered to any of these places or nearby holla toward us!

or if you know a better way of working through the site let us know as well.


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Howdy! That's awesome - i'm

Howdy! That's awesome - i'm so glad you are eager to deliver! Thanks for using the site to spread the word. When i did my bike delivery trip, i just told everyone i could what my route was and that i would love to take a letter for them. A lot of people loved the idea and wrote letters for me to deliver. Good luck, and i can't wait to meet you when you pass through Madison!


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That's so cool! You can check the map if there is any lightfoot-box on your way and also sometimes you can even tell through the site what letters it has going into which direction or contact the person who takes care of it.

I have a couple of letters going to where you are heading to, but it seems like The Netherlands, Amsterdam is not on your route ;-)

happy cycling, happy writing and hope you get to deliver something soon also!