Pedaling with Lightfoot

“This last of the old-world means of communication, before mechanical contraptions took over, left a deep mark on the American imagination. The riders, going far on little, became touchstones of courage and strength.” William Least Heat Moon on The Pony Express.

Juno is my trusty stead. I’ve got a plaid shirt, but I need a cowboy hat. I’ve set up two boxes so far – One in NewYorkCity, Williamsburg Brooklyn, and one in Toronto, Canada. Lots more to come hopefully. I’ve been collecting letters amongst the pedal strokes… and have made a map of where I need to deliver them (lest i forget!). It’s up to 16 so far. A few to deliver in Madison, to lighten my load, but surely a few more gained.

Some people ride for charity, some people ride for a mission… I’m riding for Lightfoot. I believe letters can change the world, the written word can carry love and truth so far and so freely. Lightfoot Sustainable Post connects communities and fosters trust. I’m taking this opportunity to spread that message and I’m excited I get to be the facilitator and vessel for such an important revolution! Get writing guys, I’ll pedal anywhere for a lightfoot letter!