3 New Letter Boxes in the US!!

Box 1: Many thanks to Rosetta's Kitchen, home of "Adrienne's Box." It's an alternative-community cafe we scouted out our first night in Asheville, NC. We showed up after dark. We were cold and very hungry. A local pointed us in the direction of Rosetta's Kitchen as a place to warm up and get quality, local, fresh food. While enjoying our (very reasonably priced) hot meal it was obvious to us both that this was a perfect home for a Lightfoot Box.

2013 USA Winter Tour

Friends and Fellow Deputies -
My friend and I are currently doing a cross-country Lightfoot Tour in the Southern U.S. We are setting up boxes in each city we visit along the way and promoting and holding FREE Letter Writing Workshops -offering information about Lightfoot and letter writing/making for people as we create, decorate and set up the new letter boxes on-site in their chosen locations. We just finished a fun day at Rosetta's Kitchen in Asheville, NC setting up "Adrienne's Box." There's already letters inside and we now have one in tow with us! Thank you Adrienne for your beautiful Lightfoot Box and welcome to the team!
Next stop - Athens, GA If you have a recommendation for a box in a southern US city, please contact me! Thanks!

Hi everybody,

I have been sitting on for three years now, actually showing this website has been broken for long and the domain expires end of October.

I'm happy to sponsor domain fees for a while if someone wants to take it over for Lightfoot Post but I don't want it registered to me anymore, given that the artificial divide has been rather useless in the past.

If you could imagine taking it over, please get in touch!

Lightfoot Images 2011

Just a couple images for anyone to use for promoting Lightfoot, making boxes, or writing letters.

You can use a Paint-style program to fill in the blank templates with whatever color scheme you want, or just use the ones I've colored.
Then you can print them out however big you want, and use them however you want!

Yay Lightfoot!

PS. I've just replaced the older versions with properly cropped jpegs, and added one other black&white template. Enjoy!

Lightfoot at Rootstalk Festival

Wow, Lightfoot was such a hit at the Free Tea Pavilion at Rootstalk Festival in Oregon, USA. We set up a super comfortable space for people to connect, sip tea, and relax during this intense festival of workshops, educators, music, plant walks, etc.

We set it up so that people could sit on cushions around a table on the ground stocked with letter writing supplies like paper and pens, envelopes, all kinds of stamps, etc. We even had a huge chalkboard that people could post where they could bring letters, or where letters needed to go. It was sweet!

I guess with so many awesome people coming together in one place, Lightfoot was bound for glory. Dozens of letters were written over the weekend, and many new Lightfoot deputies took letters on towards their destinations. At the end of the festival, those letters that were left we divvied up: many west coast letters went with me, east coast letters went with Ally, etc.

Click on this blog entry for more photos and links.

Lightfoot Postmarks!

Hey All! Check out the new Lightfoot Postmark Stamps - custom made and donated to the project by a woman named Anna-Mae from . She made about 10 of each design. I have some, as does Lily Luck.

To get yours, let me know which of the three you want and I can send them off to you (Lightfoot if you don't mind the wait, otherwise via regular post).

Email me at:

Click on this blog entry to see all the designs.

Submit Your Stories With Images!

Lightfoot is growing! There currently are around 18 lightfoot-boxes around the world, as far as we can tell. Time for this website to get more active then and become a good portal for the people to connect and get to write and deliver more letters!

new orleans, up the mississippi

hello to whoever is reading!

we are on an epic bicycle journey and have strong desires to deliver letters via our bicycles! im not entirely sure how this all works so im trying here to tell anyone and everyone that we are in new orleans for one more day. then were headed north up through louisiana and arkansas. well be stopping in springfield missouri. kansas city. rockford illinois. madison wisconsin. lacross wisconsin. minnepolis minnesota. and of course everywhere in between! so if you have a letter you want delivered to any of these places or nearby holla toward us!

Traveling with Tea and Lightfoot

I just wanted to let ya'll know about a recent journey that Lily Luck and I took down the Westcoast opening up my bus for free tea and letter writing, setting up Lightfoot boxes and hand-delivering letters from Seattle to San Francisco. Check it out here:
Free Tea Party Blog

Lightfoot in Macedonia

Hey letters lovers, we are living in a community in a village Star Istevnik in Macedonia, we had a guest telling us about the lightfoot and we did the box the same day so now we have one more Balkan destination!!!
Love light letters

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