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Behavior Change

The latest developments supporting a shift toward sustainable consumption, as well as specific ways brands are encouraging less wasteful behaviors.

Hellmann’s AI-Enabled Tool Reveals Your Fridge’s Meal Potential

Hellmann’s AI-Enabled Tool Reveals Your Fridge’s Meal Potential

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Meal Reveal, developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, uses simple fridge scan to help consumers overcome ‘fridge blindness’ and reduce household food waste.

Uber’s ‘Emissions Savings’ Feature Shows Benefits of Lower-Emission Transport

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Uber users will now see two ratings in the app — their 'Emission Savings' score, alongside their rider rating.

Hellmann's Declares New Holiday to Fight Post-Super Bowl Food Waste

The mayo brand is once again aiming to inspire game-day partiers to reimagine mouthwatering dishes out of their leftovers, in honor of #SickofFoodWasteDay.

Driving Sustainable Growth Through Brand-Led Culture Change

Building a culture of sustainable living can only be achieved when brands and consumers align their efforts and take action together on the most impactful behaviors.

Starbucks Becomes First National Coffee Retailer to Accept Reusable, Personal Cups

Starting January 3, 2024, customers will be able to use their own clean, personal cup at all company-operated stores and participating licensed stores in the US and Canada.

‘Tis the Season of ‘Giving Back:’ The Environmental Impact of Holiday Returns

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Addressing the fate of returned items — and the larger issue of 'wrap, return, repeat' consumer culture — requires adoption of smart technologies to offset losses and improve retail’s environmental impact during the holiday season and beyond.

The Game within a Game: Eastman, UTenn, UMich Compete for a Common Good

Together, Eastman and the two teams helped turn the spirit of competition into a unique approach to diverting waste, keeping recycling top of mind and driving behavior change with football fans.

CGF, Hellmann’s Keeping Food Waste Top of Mind This Holiday Season

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The “Between 2 Slices” campaign shows people the myriad ways to turn leftovers into delicious, creative next-day meals with just two slices of bread and Hellmann's mayonnaise.

Anti-Black Friday Movement Continues to Promote Repair, Reuse Over Rampant Consumption

The antidote to the annual shopping frenzy promotes reuse and repair over buying new, and a more mindful approach when we do shop.

Student Demand for Low-Impact Meals Increases After Climate-Labeled College Menus

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Results from first year of Chartwells Higher Education’s exclusive partnership with HowGood show positive correlations between climate labels on menus and sustainable choices.

Planting Seeds: Changing and Shaping the Minds of Today’s Consumers and Tomorrow's Changemakers

At SB’23 San Diego, several rich discussions centered on the growing number of efforts successfully educating and engaging various audiences on more sustainable behaviors, lifestyles and careers.

Hilton, Oatly Advance Case for Carbon Labeling Food

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. The vocal oatmilk brand is calling for mandatory climate labeling of food in the UK; and the global hotel chain now has carbon-labeled menus at 30 UK properties.

‘The Climate Crisis Is, in Part, a Communication Crisis:’ Brands Must Walk Their Talk to Galvanize Consumers

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. A new study by Magna, Teads and Project Drawdown confirms consumers are relying on brands to create a clear, tangible and compelling vision — backed by substantive action — to guide them toward more sustainable lifestyles.

‘Zero-Waste Chef’ Campaign Inspires Canadians to Eliminate At-Home Food Waste

SkipTheDishes partnered with the Circular Innovation Council and top Canadian chefs to inspire consumers to reimagine their takeout leftovers and reduce food waste.

Content Creators Hold Back on Promoting Sustainability Amid Greenwashing Fears

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Unilever study uncovers barriers influencers face around creating sustainability content. The company is partnering with climate-focused nonprofits and launching a Creator Council to help address these barriers.

Consumers Want More Sustainable Packaging But Struggle to Identify It

Retailers continue to refine what packaging they find acceptable to answer consumer demand for more sustainable solutions — and consumer goods companies must keep innovating to keep pace.

Commons App Informing, Facilitating Mass Shifts in Climate-Influenced Consumer Living & Spending

Highlighting the impact of individual purchases and their associated emissions output, the app — fresh off a large funding round — is evolving to meet the daily spending directives of its users.

Report: Economic Uncertainty, Systemic Inequity Preserving Intention-Action Gap

A recent study shows that people across the socioeconomic spectrum care about climate action; but taking that action remains cost-prohibitive for lower-income groups.

Sky to Boost 5 More Behavior-Changing Startups with £2M Ad Push

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Now in its third consecutive year, the Sky Zero Footprint Fund fosters the power of TV advertising to tackle climate change through campaigns that drive sustainable behavior change.

Starbucks Expands ‘100% Reusables’ Tests in Bid to Sink Disposable Cup Waste

Since 2021, Starbucks has been testing the 100% reusables model across more than 25 markets. With most of its beverages enjoyed on the go, the company continues to test and learn how to best encourage customers to embrace reusables.